1TA33A2.2littlecoreLike OTA, fix bug, add sea units for sea vs land beable, add Tech3 and Tech4 units.A stable version, had changed a lots.télécharger
2TAAC1.3HANGIYALots of new Units! Add Tech3 for air/sea/veh/kobt! Creative and comfortable for modern PC NEW MISSIONs (Sorry for the download link holding, soon fixed)télécharger
3GOK1.31VohvelieläinI acclaim GOK Excess for TA3D! The excess II coming, it will give best models .Really nice models and weapon effect.Infact, crazy work!télécharger
4DEV5.0BoogieQuickly! Core= veh Arm= kobt This mod super unit had halo, that alter inline units and kill more units more stong halo. Creativeable!télécharger
5Twilight1.7TwilightAddtion, total addtion, new things, try TA:T when you like new.télécharger
6TABA2.0BATABA is a mod that creating a more entertaining and balanced game that requires less micromanagement (ability to do many things in a small amount of time) and instead shifts the focus to strategy of unit choice and attack operations. And said in serious, TABA is most nearly SupCom mod.télécharger
7TALON1.03TROOne of best Mod, it's a new Race. Now talon associate with TAWP to TAesc, that most Megatron on TAUtélécharger
8TAbugFix1.75bSwiteckThis is a OTA style mod, you can treat it as OTA, and it play like OTA. It can call ta3.1+télécharger
9AA mod60CaydrAA60 is a mod that more make for moder than for players. You can play it as a new idea mod.télécharger
10TA-merge1.3TASPCTalon, GOK, TLL. This is a merge mod, merge the 3 best 3rd race. You can play it as a new TA The 3 race maker: TALON:TRO TLL:M3G GOK:Vohvelielaintélécharger
11The Pack1.33GB0THE PACK is a large mod/unit pack which is based on Uberhack 3.1.4 by BSR. This is a MAC TA mod, and well, I like that good T3 and T4, it's like ta33a on PC.télécharger
12SUH mod2.7shrimpyThis is a OTA style mod, based Uhack, and in my person talk, it's best OTA patch, yes patch.télécharger
13UH4.0BSRuber hack, make by BSR. Do you remeber TA power? I think so, do you forget UH age?You can't, as one of most influential TA mod, UH4.0 isn't bad, for me, it should be better.télécharger
14C&C mod?.?.??Sorry for forget the main things on this mod, but it really like C&Ctélécharger
15atotal2.93okorva (?)This also a Twilight like mod. It also new, so try when you want another new.télécharger
16sea hack2.0unknowAll shipstélécharger
17tawd5.0Wesley Blokker and Iwan SetiawanWorld Domination. If you like tanks/ AK47/ etc, you like this one. It's a human war TA.télécharger
18DuneTAbeta_UU_Dune, I like Dune 2000. But this one also intereting, you can play 3D dune at now.télécharger
19RTACP1.02Febuary (?)A 3rd party mods. I mean this mod play like TAUIPtélécharger
20Tyta1.12seamonTYTA is a new mod in the way of Pack/UTASP/TAUCP/GMTA. That means it has a huge number of new units, although it includes also a lot of other improvements. And, this one is a nice mod for documental TA.télécharger
21TA:ESCBeta 4.2wotan with TROTalon+ TAWP. And this mod no need my berif, you surely know it.télécharger
22TAExcess IIalpha 2fVohvelielain with N72Remake of ARM and CORE. There no more great need in energy, and you have mass metals for mass war. And in first, you will enjoy the models. télécharger
23XTA0.99SY with TAG (?)This mod had a nice creative explosion, and it can be said in "better OTA" (in SY style). Try it if you want play spring in TA3D.télécharger
24Total Mayhembeta 6.2Gamma, Darkvamp, SarwajagatThis is an addon for Total Annihilation with Core Contingency which attempts to make all units useful, fixes AA units (they are not too dominating while still being able to fire at ground units)... and adds a whole bunch of 3rd party units, including a complete Level 3 tier plus some Level 4 structures. http://mayhem.tauniverse.com/totalm.htmtélécharger
25TA3D free data setr2796zuzufTA3D free data set is part of the TA3D project. It provides replacements for OTA models and data files.télécharger