Total Annihilation

Total Annihilation is a RTS (Real Time Strategy) using false 3D, I think it is the best RTS ever. The gameplay is perfect, only graphics are getting old. But it's a 10 years old game, and it's still correct to play. Retry Starcraft you'll think that 640x480 with 256 colors looks ugly on your 19i LCD monitor!!! But you can play Total Annihilation in 1280x1024 and more!! Let images speak:

Ok it is not because of the graphics that TA is mythic, it is the gameplay and the possibility to create maps, units(scripted units!! you can animate units yourself!), weapons ...!! You can easily change everything: to add an unit just put the *.ufo file into TA directory and that's done!! The engine features lots of things today games are still lacking: a unit explosion can destroy other units, a missile or a canon shot can damage several units at a time! Some units can transport others, help to build, ... This allow you to image lots of strategies like taking your commander to your foes with an aircraft transport unit!! To understand such a strategy you need to know that the commander is a very powerful unit. At the beginning you only have your commander, he can build things and can do lots of damage by exploding (it is a real atomic weapon). So you can blow him up with your enemy after you built a few things. By default if you lose your commander the game is over but you can still take a commander that is not yours. You should try the game yourself to make a better idea. You should be able to find a demo on internet(only for windows).