Project status

Status (stable release): playable alone against A.I. in skirmish, in campaign mode, in scripted games mode or in multiplayer mode

Last stable release: 0.6.0
Last test release: 0.6 beta


active members:
->Roland Brochard (main developper)
->Milipili (MacOS port)
->Xpoy (Chinese translation)
other members:
->chkno (developer)
->Evan Rinehart (multi-player)
->Cire (support)
->Matman (artist)
->Neuralize (artist)
->Julien Saurin

Currently supported plateforms:

_linux 32 and 64 bits
_windows 64 bits (starting with version 0.6, previous versions were 32 bits)
_MacOSX Intel

What has been done:

_support for HPI archives from Total Annihilation
_support for maps
_support for units
_support for weapons
_support for scripts (using Lua)
_support for various graphical features
_Artificial Intelligence
_campaign mode
_in game GUI reproduces TA gui
_a screen to configure local and network games

What has to be done:

_a replay system
_a new map format

Project page on github: TA3D